Sunday, October 29, 2006

See the "Last" Sting Ray At SEMA Oct 31-Nov 3rd 2006, Las Vegas, NV

ProTeam Classic Corvette Collection and Sales has announced that its famed "Last"™ Corvette Sting Ray will be among the hundreds of premier automobiles on display at this year's SEMA Show.

The 1967 Corvette Sting Ray will be the centerpiece of the Barrett- Jackson Auction Company's booth (#22979) in Hot Rod Alley.

"We'll call it a test run for the car's famous final scene," said Terry Michaelis, president of ProTeam, in regards to the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Ariz., where the car will be sold at No Reserve on Jan. 20, 2007. "I am anxious to see the reaction it gets in this kind of atmosphere."

Also eager to the see the crowd's response is Restoration Productions LLC, who will be filming parts of the sixth and final episode of the mini-series surrounding the "Last" Sting Ray during the SEMA Show.

"The Last Sting Ray," Sneek Preview Nov. 24th on Speed TV

Beginning at 9 p.m. E.T. on Nov. 24, SPEED TV will air all six episodes back-to-back of "The Last Sting Ray". This viewing will be the climax of a day-after-Thanksgiving American Musclecar marathon on SPEED TV.

The documentary is scheduled to begin airing Dec. 7 on

Friday, October 20, 2006


Restoration Productions is proud to present THE LAST STING RAY, a 6 episode miniseries that celebrates the legend of Sting Ray, set against the decade of the 60s. It’s a story that tracks the history of Sting Ray, the life and times of Sting Ray and the epic journey of one particular Sting Ray… THE LAST STING RAY.

It was born on July 12, 1967. That makes it one of the last “baby boomers.” It was Pearl Silver, and it was a real rich kid. Behind its tinted windows were black vinyl bucket seats, power steering, a telescoping steering wheel, air conditioning and an AM/FM radio.

But it was also a bad boy. Red-stripe tires tried to hook all its power to the road, sent to them through a positraction rear end and a Muncie M-21 close ratio 4-speed transmission. But they had no chance, since that power came from Chevrolet’s best… the 390-horsepower 427 big-block engine. All 427 cubes of this monster barked through side-mounted exhaust pipes. That bark was sweet music to the driver, and a warning to everyone else on the street that the big fella was coming out to play.

There were thousands of Corvettes built, and hundreds of them were just like this one… except for one thing. This one was the last one – the VERY LAST STING RAY ever built. This car marked the end of an era, and the last of what Corvette enthusiasts and automobile historians all over the world have called the greatest American car ever built.

Starting with the split-window coupes in 1963 and continuing through 1967, the Sting Ray was the jewel in Chevrolet’s crown, and the most beloved and respected American car worldwide. When Chevrolet redesigned the Corvette in 1968 they changed forever the way Corvettes would look, sound, feel and handle. The Corvettes from 1968 to today are magnificent automobiles, but none have ever captured the imaginations and the hearts of an entire generation of car lovers like those original Sting Rays. Sting Rays were successful on the race track, they were the “to die for” car on the street, and they were some of the most profitable cars General Motors ever sold. There seemed to be nothing the Sting Ray didn’t do well. But all too soon they were gone, including the Pearl Silver bad boy with the 427, the 4-speed and the Red-stripe tires. Almost as fast as they came, they disappeared, victims of hard driving and planned obsolescence.

But a miracle has happened, and the automotive world is rejoicing. This car, this amazing piece of history, has been found! The Last Sting Ray now sits in the restoration shop of Pro Team Classic Corvette Collection, awaiting a full ground-up restoration. This car will live again.

Restoration Productions is proud to present THE LAST STING RAY, a 2-hour show that celebrates the legend of Sting Ray, set against the decade of the 60s. It’s a story that tracks the history of Corvette, the life and times of Corvette and the epic journey of one particular Corvette… THE LAST STING RAY.